EmperorMu – End of the Road

Dear Emperors,

Today is a sad because  something that we all love  will die.   Is very hard for me to announce it  but this may be the end of the EmperorMu that we all loved.  These last months  because of the server insability lots of players quit playing, important staff members had to quit  to, also me not having any free time at all to manage server problems made us to took this decision.

I would like to thank to all staff members (especially to Lunar,Benelope) for all their help, to all server supporters, voters and everyone who ever playid here.

This server had some great moments, everyone  made friends,enemies,”fall in love”  here  but these days lots of players care only about   9999999xp server with all things in shops, lazy players.  Nobody cares anymore about  hard servers,where you need work, have some knowledge about the game, this is one of the main reasons why our server lost a lot of his players.

We took this decision because these days we didnt  see more than 10 players online but also because of the lack of time since we cant manage it anymore. At some points everyone need to find a job for himself,we can stay and play games all the time.

Q: What will happen with all accounts,items,characters,etc?
A: We made back-ups of databases and everything is store safe for the moment.

Q: Is likely to come back online sometime EmperorMu?
A: We dont know, everything is possible but for moment will remain offline!

If you want to get any future updates regarding to server, we suggest you to add your email address in this for so we will be able to contact you.